As living beings, we are process. We are all our relations, inner and outer. By way of removing blockages and opening the natural spaciousness, supporting connectedness, relation and rapport, nature is supported in carrying healing and development forward.

with Five Element Acupuncture

Medicine with Five Element Acupuncture

Illness or uncomfortable tensions can guide us to seek and find greater health. When we direct attention to finding and treating the root causes and thereby find the more comprehensive equilibrium that resolves the symptoms, the condition is being healed—and we are something more than we were before, in a state of greater health and well-being.

with Focusing
and LiNC

Counselingwith Focusing  and LiNC

I see my essential work as counselor being that of facilitating, by way of shared presence and in-the-moment support, the client in being present with—neither identifying with nor rejecting—the flow of in-the-moment experience. The development and use of this “felt-sense” brings integration, autonomy, centeredness, and equilibrium and frees the client from the need for the outer counselor.

with Synergy Nine &
Dynamic Peace

Facilitationwith Synergy Nine &Dynamic Peace

My work in developing higher levels of organizational functioning has four fundamental aspects: 1) the targeted development of individual capacities for presence, 2) development of individual and group-level capacities for communication and self-organization, 3) clarification and simplification of mental models, and 4) work with individual and group integrity and responsibility.

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