I see my essential work as counselor being that of facilitating, by way of shared presence and in-the-moment support, the client in being present with—neither identifying with nor rejecting—the flow of in-the-moment whole-body experience. The development and use of this “felt-sense” brings integration, autonomy, centeredness and equilibrium and frees the client from the need for the outer counselor. As we become more centered in our being, we are able to abide in Presence in more and more circumstances.

The primary methods I call upon for this are based on Focusing. At times, it is useful to work with the felt sense of dreams. Classical Five Element Acupuncture and Qigong can also be of fundamental support in this centering process.

I also draw upon the body of work known as Life-Nourishing Communication for support in dropping judgments, developing fluency in being aware of and articulating the feelings and needs that are moving in oneself and others, and learning to request that which one wants and say what needs to be said to move the situation forward.

Also, at times, it can be valuable to develop awareness of fixated patterns of functioning, and of core needs through the Enneagram of Personality.

For those who are consciously participating with the holding of their own transformational process, developing in the capacity to live into one’s word with integrity can continue to provide the scaffolding for the realization of the next step. I support this work as more of a coach, helping with the process of clear self-observation and beneficial alignment.

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