Life-Nourishing Communication (LiNC)


Developing the bodily felt sense of one’s own needs—direct, nonjudgmental contact with our interdependent existence—can lead to a profound simplification and growing directness and effectiveness in getting these needs met.

Using methods that have roots in the Nonviolent Communication of Marshall Rosenberg and Focusing of Eugene Gendlin, Life-Nourishing Communication is a training in developing a felt sense of one’s own needs in any given situation or relationship. It helps one to not enter into the miasm of reactivity and judging others when one’s needs are not met and supports one in fulfilling the needs via direct and concrete requests.

In addition to being helpful in the arena of individual growth and development, LiNC can also be very helpful in group functioning. In any group, it is the facile metabolizing of the tensions in the field that holds the key to allowing the group process to move forward efficiently, to having the group process be a living, intelligent, response to the needs of the group and its constituent individuals, moment-to-moment.

I find LiNC to also have direct application in the new generation of organizational structures. LiNC facilitates the processes of identifying tensions and needs on the organizational level and and the self-organizing required to meet them.

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